EnsureJiraSetupRule The rule ensures that JIRA is setup. 
InitBackdoorRule Rule for backdoor and environment data initialisation. 
InjectFieldsRule Rule that can be used to inject fields to test class. 
LoginAsRule The rule will log in user based on LoginAs annotation. 
LogTimeRule Rule which adds logging before and after test execution. 
OutgoingMailConfigureSmtpRule Rule to initialize SMTPBackdoor for listening for emails. 
OutgoingMailEventQueueRule Rule to initialize SMTPBackdoor for listening for emails. 
OutgoingMailTestRule Adds support for email testing by using it as a rule in conjunction with MailTest method annotation. 
RestoreDataBackdoor Rule that handles com.atlassian.integrationtesting.runner.restore.RestoreOnce for class and provides backdoor implementation 
RestoreDataOnlyOnce Restore data on class level. 
RestoreDataRule The rule which executes data restore before tests are executed basing on com.atlassian.integrationtesting.runner.restore.Restore and RestoreBlankInstance annotations. 
Rules Creates org.junit.rules.TestRule instances. 
StatementDecorator Decorates statement with code that can be executed before statement 
WebTesterRule Rule to initialize HtmlUnit test for JIRA func tests.