DatabaseConfigurationLoader DatabaseConfigurationLoader is responsible for loading and persisting database configuration from and to the home directory. 
DatabaseConfigurationManager Manager implementation that provides save, load and related operations for JIRA's database configuration. 
Datasource A datasource that JIRA can use to connect to a database. 


AbstractJiraHomeDatabaseConfigurationLoader Base implementation of DatabaseConfigurationLoader for loading Database Configuration from jira-home. 
DatabaseConfig The configuration for JIRA to connect to the database. 
DatabaseConfigHandler Handler for parsing datasource config from and writing datasource config to XML. 
DatabaseConfigurationManagerImpl A threadsafe implementation which reads and writes configuration for the database using the given DatabaseConfigurationLoader
DatabaseDriverRegisterer Registers required DB drivers and provides db-specific error messages when things go wrong. 
JdbcDatasource A JDBC datasource. 
JdbcDatasource.Builder This is a builder class for constructing a JdbcDatasource manually. 
JndiDatasource A JNDI datasource  
LegacyHsqlDatasourceInfo Wrapper of DatasourceInfo that allows HSQL to start with DBCP2, by providing validation query as HSQL driver does not support isValid method. 
ManagedDatasourceInfoSupplier Implements a minimal method of acquiring access to the OfBiz DatasourceInfo that uses the DatabaseConfigurationManager's DatabaseConfig. 
SystemDatabaseConfigurationLoader Class that loads and persists database configuration by loading from and saving to FILENAME_DBCONFIG in the JIRA home directory. 



InvalidDatabaseDriverException Thrown if JIRA is requested to configure database using an invalid JDBC driver (that cannot be loaded)