Assertions A set of "extended" assertions within JIRA web functional testing. 
CommentAssertions Responsible for holding assertions about a specified group of comments. 
DashboardAssertions This makes assertions about Dashboard pages and their content 
HTMLAssertions Assertions for HTML content that may or may not be HTML encoded. 
IssueNavigatorAssertions Class that can be used to make assertions about the current state of the issue navigator. 
JiraFormAssertions An assertions helper for working with JIRA forms 
JiraMessageAssertions Assertions for common messages displayed 
LabelAssertions Used to make assertions about labels. 
LinkAssertions Used to make assertions about links. 
ProjectFieldsAssertions Assertions for project and issue type fields 
TextAssertions Contains a number of methods that do "extended" functional test assertions involving text. 
URLAssertions Make some assertions about a URL. 


AssertionsImpl Implementation of Assertions 
ChangeHistoryAssertions Set of assertions related change history 
DashboardAssertionsImpl And implementation of DashboardAssertions 
DefaultCommentAssertions Holds assertion methods around an issue's comments. 
HTMLAssertionsImpl HTMLAssertions implementation. 
IssueNavigatorAssertions.FilterFormParam Represents selected parameters in the filter form (simple issue navigator). 
IssueTableAssertions Assertions using issue table backdoor 
JiraFormAssertionsImpl And implementation of JiraFormAssertions
JiraMessageAssertionsImpl Default implementation of JiraMessageAssertions
JqlAssertions Set of assertions related JQL 
LabelAssertionsImpl Implementation for Label Assertions 
LinkAssertionsImpl Default implementation of the LinkAssertions interface. 
ProjectFieldsAssertionsImpl Default implementation of ProjectFieldsAssertions 
TableAssertions Used to make assertions about web Tables. 
TextAssertionsImpl An implementation of the TextAssertions 
URLAssertionsImpl Default implementation of URLAssertions
ViewIssueAssertions Makes assertions on the View Issue page.