ClearStatics Clear static variables in JIRA both before and after the test runs to improve test separation. 
InitMockitoMocks This class is deprecated. use org.mockito.junit.MockitoJUnit#rule() instead  
Log4jLogger Watches log4j logs. 
MockComponentContainer JUnit @Rule that allows for providing mock JIRA components accessed in production code via ComponentAccessor static methods. 
MockHttp<R extends HttpServletRequest, S extends HttpServletResponse> Sets up and tears down automatically the following, static methods used in the JIRA production code for accessing current HTTP objects:  
MockitoContainer Rule that combines mockito initialization with MockComponentContainer
MockitoMocksInContainer Factory for a MockitoContainer rule 
SetupServletContextProvider Place a mock ServletContext in the ServletContextProvider and clean it out afterwads.