ChangedClause Used to represent changed clause in the query tree 
Clause Represents a node in the tree that gets generated for a Query
ClauseVisitor<R> A visitor that allows you to perform operations on a Query
TerminalClause Denotes a terminal nodes that contain an Operator and an Operand. 
WasClause Used to represent WAS in the Query tree 


AndClause Used to represent a logical AND in the query tree. 
ChangedClauseImpl Implementation of ChangedClasue 
MultiClause An abstract class that will contain multiple clauses. 
NotClause Used to represent a logical NOT in the query tree. 
OrClause Used to represent a logical OR in the query tree. 
Property Encapsulates the entity property key and object reference data. 
TerminalClauseImpl Used to represent a terminal node in the query tree. 
WasClauseImpl Represents the clause for the "WAS mode" of change history querying. 


ClausePrecedence Used to determine the logical precedence of the clauses that can be contained in a SearchQuery.