JiraConfigProvider Component providing config information about JIRA. 
RestoreJiraData Represents JIRA restore data operation. 


AbstractPluginDetector Abstract class for checking whether some plugin is installed. 
AbstractRestoreJiraData Implements restoreBlank() in terms of abstract restore(String)
AdaptingConfigProvider Config provider that uses jira-func-test-plugin if possible, or falls back to parsing JIRA UI. 
EnvironmentBasedProductInstance com.atlassian.pageobjects.ProductInstance implementation based on com.atlassian.jira.webtests.util.JIRAEnvironmentData. 
FuncTestPluginDetector Detects whether the func test plugin has been installed in tested JIRA instance. 
PopupCollector Defines common collections of popup ids and merges them. 
PopupPreventer Prevents popups from showing up. 
ProductInstanceBasedEnvironmentData The environment data is built up on the information provided by the product instance. 
RestConfigProvider Component providing config information about JIRA. 
RestoreJiraDataFromBackdoor Implementation of RestoreJiraData that uses the func test plugin REST resource if present  
RestoreJiraDataFromUi Implementation of RestoreJiraData that uses UI. 
SimpleJiraSetup Implementation of JIRA setup that performs the simplest set up possible via UI. 
SmartRestoreJiraData Delegates restore action to the best available implementation. 
TestEnvironment Describes JIRA test environment. 
TestkitPluginDetector Detects whether the jira-testkit-plugin is installed in tested JIRA instance.