Avatar Represents an icon for a project or some other entity in JIRA. 
AvatarImageDataProvider Provides avatar image data for given size. 
AvatarImageResolver This interface is deprecated. Avatar URLs returned by AvatarService are URI References, removing the need for absolute/relative schism  
AvatarManager Manager interface for Avatar domain objects. 
AvatarPickerHelper A helper interface for uploading and creating custom avatars

The user will upload an image that is then stored in the session. 

AvatarService Service for manipulating Avatars
AvatarStore Persistent storage mechanism for AvatarImpl
AvatarTagger Saves an image as a png with metadata signifying this image is a JIRA Avatar (used by the email handler to decide whether or not to attach an image) 
CroppingAvatarImageDataProviderFactory Cropps image from given stream and provides object that can write result of cropping as avatar in many sizes. 
GravatarSettings Gravatar settings for this JIRA. 
JiraAvatarSupport JIRA SPI for externally defined Avatars. 
JiraPluginAvatar Representation of an Avatar image for a user (or possibly some other application specific entity) which is defined through a plugin. 
TemporaryAvatars Emmanation of existing implicit link between REST plugin and core. 
TypeAvatarService Interface to retrieve and create avatars of some type respecting the current JIRA permissions setup. 
UniversalAvatarsService Service to manipulate avatars of different types. 


AvatarFilenames Static utility methods used for creating avatar filenames. 
AvatarFormatPolicy Used to request a specific format of an avatar image. 
AvatarFormatPolicy.PngAvatarFormatPolicyBuilder Builder used for building PngAvatarFormatPolicy. 
AvatarImpl Immutable implementation. 
AvatarManagerImpl Manager for Avatars. 
AvatarServiceHelper Renders avatars for an arbitrary user. 
AvatarServiceImpl Implementation of the AvatarService. 
AvatarTaggerImpl Saves an image as a png with metadata signifying this image is a JIRA Avatar (used by the email handler to decide whether or not to attach an image) 
AvatarUrls Helper class for building avatar URL maps. 
CachingTaggingAvatarStore Avatar store which converts legacy avatar files to the new tagged format during retrieval 
GravatarSettingsImpl Gravatar settings. 
ImageScaler Helper class for managing image scaling for Avatars. 
RemoteAvatar Represents a user or project avatar within our "network" of federated JIRA servers. 
Selection Represents an absolute subrectangle of an image. 
SystemAndCustomAvatars Provides lists of system and custom avatars. 
TemporaryAvatar Simple immutable bean for holding uploaded but not yet scaled or cropped image files to be used as Avatars. 


Avatar.Size The standard sizes for avatars. 
Avatar.Type An indicator of the owner type of the avatar. 
AvatarManager.ImageSize This enum is deprecated. in JIRA 6.0 -- use Avatar.Size.  


AvatarsDisabledException This exception indicates that an operation has failed because avatars are disabled. 
NoPermissionException This exception indicates that an operation has failed due to lack of permissions.