AbstractIssueNavigatorPage Abstract base class for issue navigator pages 
AgnosticIssueNavigator For when you need access to the issue nav, but don't know or care what mode it's in. 
BasicSearch Author: Geoffrey Wong Page for Basic Mode Issue Navigator page (whilst KickAss Navigator still in development)  
BulkEdit Bulk Edit page. 
BulkOperationProgressPage Bulk operation progress report 
ChooseOperation Choose operation page from Bulk Edit wizard. 
ConfirmationPage Changes confirmation page for Bulk Edit 
EditDetails Edit details for Bulk Edit. 
IssueNavigatorResults Results on issue navigator. 
IssueNavigatorSummaryPage This class is deprecated. since 6.2. Use BasicSearch instead.  
IssueNavigatorToolsMenu Object for interacting with the Tools Menu. 
MoveConfirmationPage Changes confirmation page for Bulk Move 
MoveDetails Move details for Bulk Edit. 
MoveIssuesContainer This class represents sections of (project,issueType,parentIssue) that are contained in "chooseContext" page. 
MoveSetFields Represents set fields page in the process of bulk move. 
OperationProgress Changes confirmation page for Bulk Edit 
SelectedIssue Selected Issue on the Issue Navigator 
TransitionOperationConfirmation The confirmation page for executing a bulk transition. 
TransitionOperationDetails Edit the fields for a bulk transition 
TransitionsDetails Transitions issues.