JiraThreadLocalUtil The main purpose of this component is to setup and clear ThreadLocal variables that can otherwise interfere with the smooth running of JIRA by leaking resources or allowing stale cached information to survive between requests. 
JiraThreadLocalUtil.WarningCallback This interface is used as a callback mechanism in the case where "runnable code" has completed and the postCall determines that it did not clean up properly. 
OffRequestThreadExecutor If you ever need to run code in JIRA off a HTTP request thread then you can sue this class to help setup and clean up the thread environment. 


JiraThreadLocalUtilImpl A concrete implementation of JiraThreadLocalUtil so that plugin developers can have an API route into the JiraThreadLocalUtils cleanup code. 
JiraThreadLocalUtils This class has static methods that perform a number of standard operations at the start and end of "runnable code" such as a JiraServiceContainerImpl or a TaskManagerImpl
OffRequestThreadExecutorImpl The implementation of OffRequestThreadExecutor