InstrumentationListenerManager Manager that handles calling registered listeners to send data to the analytics package. 
InstrumentationLogger Collects the instrumentation data and saves it to a datastore. 
Statistics Represents instrumentation data on a 'name'. 


CacheStatistics Represents instrumentation data for caches. 
CacheStatisticsUtils Various utilities for Cache Statistics. 
DefaultInstrumentationListenerManager Processes instrumentation listeners. 
DefaultInstrumentationLogger Logs the instrumentation data that we have collected to various collection mechanisms. 
DeltaResultCounter Used when comparing two executions; has a flag for whether they were equivalent. 
Instrumentation A static singleton style class that exposes com.atlassian.instrumentation.DefaultInstrumentRegistry functionality. 
InstrumentationConfiguration Our configuration of instrumentation code 
LogEntry A list of statistics collected by request. 
ResultCounter A tuple to store elapsed time in millis alongside the number of results observed for a search. 


CacheMetricsKeys Types of common metrics supported by caches. 
InstrumentationName An enum of Instrumentation names