GlobalPermissionManager Use this manager to add/remove or check global permissions. 
JiraAuthenticationContext The JiraAuthenticationContext is used for tracking a user's session in JIRA and all it's custom parameters, such as Locale and I18n. 
JiraPermission Represents a permission  
PermissionManager PermissionManager responsible for all project specific permissions. 


AbstractSecurityTypeManager This class reads the permission-types.xml file for the different types of issue securities that are used. 
AdminIssueLockoutFlagManager An Administrator will be locked out of issues and projects if they do not have access to an application. 
ApplicationRequiredPermissionManager This is a PermissionManager to ensure that any user has an application (hasAnyRole(ApplicationUser)). 
DefaultPermissionManager An abstract PermissionManager that implements a lot of the common functionality to all PermissionManagers. 
GlobalPermissionEntry This file represents a entry for a global permission. 
GlobalPermissionsCache This is a very basic cache that stores permissions

When constructed, or when you call refresh() - it will find and cache all permissions  

JiraPathService A security service that requires the "admin" role for any URL that starts with "/secure/admin/"
JiraRoleMapper A Seraph RoleMapper which maps from group membership to JIRA permissions via a permission scheme. 
JiraSecurityFilter A wrapper around the Seraph SecurityFilter. 
MockGlobalPermissionTypeManager Pretends we only have system global permissions  
Permissions This class is deprecated. Use fields and utility methods defined in ProjectPermissions and GlobalPermissionKey. Since v6.3.  
ProjectPermissionOverrideDescriptorCache Simple cache for Project Permission Override Module Descriptors (@see ProjectPermissionOverrideModuleDescriptor) Modules being enabled / disabled trigger cache reload 
SubvertedPermissionManager The purpose of this class is to provide a temporary access-all-areas pass and is a (partial) implementation of PermissionManager (subverting the stored permissions). 
WorkflowBasedPermissionManager Permission manager which allows workflow permissions to be further restricted for each workflow step, in the workflow XML descriptor. 


Permissions.Permission Experimental API, do not use, it may change without notice... 
Permissions.Type Extremely Experimental API, do not use, it may change without notice... 
ProjectWidePermission Represents a tri-state logical value for a project permission.