XsrfCheck.Setup Used to define the steps to perform before sending a request with a valid / invalid token  
XsrfCheck.Submission Used to define the implementation of removing a token from a request and sending a request  


XsrfCheck Class that makes xsrf related testing easier. 
XsrfCheck.AbstractFormSubmission Base class for form-based submission  
XsrfCheck.AbstractLinkSubmission Abstract implementation of Submission for mutative actions accessed by links. 
XsrfCheck.AsynchFormSubmission TODO: Document this class / interface here  
XsrfCheck.CssLocatorLinkSubmission XPath based link submission. 
XsrfCheck.FormSubmission Form-based submission by name  
XsrfCheck.FormSubmissionWithId Form-based submission by id  
XsrfCheck.LinkWithIdSubmission Id-based link submission  
XsrfCheck.LinkWithTextSubmission Name-based link submission  
XsrfCheck.Setup.None Used to define no setup routine  
XsrfCheck.XPathLinkSubmission XPath based link submission. 
XsrfTestSuite XsrfCheck test suite class that runs multiple checks in sequence.