IndexRecoveryManager Manager to recover an index from a previous index backup 
IndexRecoveryService Manager to recover an index from a previous index backup 
IndexSnapshotContribution A contribution to the index snapshot. 
NodeReindexService Reindex service that runs to check if other nodes have made index changes 
ReplicatedIndexManager Writes ReplicatedIndexOperations to the database - as this class is called from the finally in the indexManagers you must not throw any exceptions. 


DefaultIndexCopyService Backs up the index to the shared home folder 
DefaultIndexRecoveryService Service for recovering an Index. 
DefaultNodeReindexService Runs periodically and reindexes issues that have been indexed in other nodes 
DefaultReplicatedIndexManager Manages the replicated index. 
DisasterRecoveryLauncher This class will check for a disaster recovery scenario and restore the index if required. 
IndexesRestoredEvent The lucene indexes have been restored. 
IndexSnapshotService A service that when run will store a snapshot of the Lucene indexes 
IndexUtils Helper methods to work with LuceneIndexes. 
NullReplicatedIndexManager A no-op implementation of the ReplicatedIndexManager. 
OfBizNodeIndexCounterStore Stores the last index operation id for each node 
OfBizReplicatedIndexOperationStore Stores index operation events 
ReindexMetadata Reindex metadata contained within an index snapshot. 
ReplicatedIndexOperation This class represents an Indexing Operation on a node 
ReplicatedIndexOperationFactory Factory for converting GVs to ReplicatedIndexOperation 
SharedEntityResolver Resolves Shared Entities 


IndexUtils.IndexPath Represents the paths in jira home where indexes are stored