SkipInDevMode Indicates that test should be skipped in JIRA dev mode. 
SuiteTransform A transform applied on a collection of test descriptions that results in a new, transformed list. 
TransformableRunner<T extends ParentRunner<?>> A runner capable of applying list of SuiteTransforms to itself. 
WebTestSuite Represents a specific web test suite (e.g. 


CategoryFilter A Junit4 filter that filters given set of tests by the included and excluded web test categories. 
FunctionalCategoryComparator Compares tests using their functional categories. 
JUnit4WebTestDescription WebTestDescription based on the JUnit4 org.junit.runner.Description. 
JUnit4WebTestListener JUnit4 test listener wrapping the web test listener. 
ParentRunnerHacker<T> Retrieves information about children of a parent runner in a hacky manner - the design of JUnit4 does not allow us to do it in a nice way! 
SortByCategory Transform that sorts tests by category. 
SystemPropertyBasedSuite A WebTestSuite that reads its configuration from system properties. 
TransformingParentRunner<T> A parent runner implementation that wraps another parent runner and applies an ordered list of transforms over the wrapped runner children, such that only the resulting list of children will be run. 
Transforms Transforms based on JUnit4 sorters and filters. 
WebTestDescriptionList Represents an ordered list of WebTestDescriptions and provides methods for advanced operations on this list. 
WebTestRunners Factory of web test runners. 
WebTestSuiteRunner A JUnit4 runner for JIRA web tests suite. 


Category Enumeration of possible categories of JIRA web tests.