AttachmentConfig Interface getting attachment configurations. 
BuildUtilsInfo Provides version information about the currently running build of JIRA platform. 
CacheMap<K, V> An object that caches values that are mapped under keys. 
ClockAware Marks classes that perform time computations and are using com.atlassian.core.util.Clocks. 
Closeable A Closeable is a source or destination of data that can be closed. 
ComponentFactory A factory that allows objects to be created through constructor dependency injection at runtime. 
ComponentLocator A locator that allows components to be looked up at runtime. 
Consumer<T> Consume the object a Supplier produces. 
DateFieldFormat Helper for handling JIRA date fields. 
EmailFormatter Returned email address appropriately masked/hidden for the current user. 
ErrorCollection A very simple interface to collect errors. 
FileFactory Interface for file operations. 
Function<D, R> A Function that resolves Descriptors (of type D) to a Resource (of type R). 
I18nHelper I18nHelper is the main interface for finding internationalised text in JIRA. 
I18nHelper.BeanFactory Ths BeanFactory is used to instantiate I18nHelper instances for a specific Locale or User. 
JiraContactHelper Helper for getting User Contact information links 
JiraDurationUtils.DurationFormatter This interface defines methods for formatting time duration  
JiraProductInformation This class is not intended to be used outside of the setup process. 
KeyValuePair<K, V> Represents a Key-Value Pair 
MessageSet Used to communicate error and warning messages. 
OrderByRequestParser A component that can parse raw strings into OrderByRequest objects. 
OrderByRequests.ExtractableField<T> A field implementing this interface provides a method for extracting the field's value from an entity of type T
Page<T> A single page of values. 
PageRequest Pagination request. 
Predicate<T> Evaluate an input and return true or false. 
Resolver<I, O> A interface to resolve some input object into an output object. 
Shutdown Used to shut something down. 
Supplier<T> A Supplier of objects of a single type. 
UserAgentUtil Utility class for sniffer UserAgents 
VelocityParamFactory Factory that can create default Velocity Parameters for use in Velocity templates. 
Visitor<T> Callback interface for code that implements the Visitor Pattern. 
WarningCollection A very simple interface to collect warnings. 


AbstractMessageSet Base class for the message set. 
AnswerWith Mockito answers  
AttachmentUtils This class is deprecated. Use AttachmentManager only. Since v6.1  
AttachmentUtils.AttachmentAdapter This class is deprecated. Use AttachmentStore with AttachmentStore.AttachmentAdapter. Since v6.1  
Base64InputStreamConsumer Basic slurp implementation of an InputStream Consumer which provides Base64 encoded output. 
BaseUrlSwapper Utility class for swapping the base of a URL. 
BoundedExecutorServiceWrapper Wraps an ExecutorService to ensure the number of queued tasks is bounded to the specified concurrency. 
BuildUtils This class is deprecated. you shouldn't be using this class directly, use BuildUtilsInfo instead.  
BuildUtilsInfoImpl This class gives access to build-time properties at runtime. 
CallableFunction<I, O> Wraps function execution in a Callable with a ExceptionPolicy. 
CaseFolding Utility for case folding Java Strings. 
ClassNameAbbreviator Class name abbreviator. 
Clocks Utilities for clocks. 
CollectionAssert Assertions for unit tests to use on collections. 
Colours Contains static utility methods pertaining to colour values. 
CompositeClock Composite clock that returns answer from one of the clocks it builds upon, depending on the number of times it was called already. 
CompositeShutdown TODO: Document this class / interface here 
ConcurrentCacheMap<K, V> An implementation of CacheMap that allows null keys and values. 
ConstantClock Simple clock that returns a constant value given during construction. 
DateFieldFormatImpl Default implementation for formatting and parsing dates in JIRA. 
DelimeterInserter This can take an input string and look into it for occurences of given terms. 
DowngradeUtilsImpl provides access to the file 
DuckTypeProxyFactory Use this Factory to produce "Duck Type" proxies of a given interface with a delegate object that "implements" a subset of the interface methods. 
EasyList This class is deprecated. Use instead. Since v5.0.  
EitherUtils Utility functions for Eithers. 
EncodingMap EncodingMap is a convenience class which handles conversions between IANA encoding names and Java encoding names, and vice versa. 
ErrorCollectionAssert Provides methods to help unit tests make assertions about ErrorCollection objects. 
ErrorCollections Static factory methods for creating simple ErrorCollection instances. 
EvaluateAllPredicate<T> A predicate that checks that all the given predicates evaulate to true for the specified input. 
ExceptionInterpreterUtil This util will feed an exception through the exception interpreter chain of responsibility. 
Functions Useful standard functions. 
GlobalPermissionGroupAssociationUtil This is a utility class to find out information about ADMINISTER and SYSTEM_ADMIN global permission information. 
ImportUtils Utility code originally written to support various importers. 
IOUtil General IO Stream manipulation. 
JiraComponentFactory Default implementation of ComponentFactory that uses loadComponent(Class, java.util.Collection) and loadComponent(Class)
JiraDurationUtils Util class reponsible for printing durations in various formats. 
JiraDurationUtils.DaysDurationFormatter This formatter formats time duration to days only. 
JiraDurationUtils.HoursDurationFormatter This formatter formats time duration to hours only. 
JiraDurationUtils.PrettyDurationFormatter This formatter formats time duration to "pretty" format, such as 3 weeks, 2 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes. 
JiraKeyUtilsBean Component that provides access to project and issue key utilities. 
JiraUrlCodec Class to wrap around the encoding of query strings. 
JiraUtils Miscellaneous utility methods. 
JiraUtilsBean A bean version of JiraUtils that can be mocked out out 
JiraVelocityHelper A simple class store methods we want to expose to velocity templates  
JiraVelocityUtils Helper class that contains a number of utility methods for velocity templates. 
KeyValuePairImpl<K, V>  
KeyValueParser Parses a key-value pair in a String such as "portNumber=5432" into its separate values 
LimitedOutputStream An OutputStream that throws an LimitedOutputStream.TooBigIOException if more than the configured number of bytes are ever written to the output stream. 
ListOrderedMessageSetImpl Is a message set that keeps the messages and warnings in the order in which they were added. 
LocaleParser Static utility to parse locale Strings into Locale objects. 
Lock Used to lock resources using a file system file as a lock  
Longs Contains static utility methods pertaining to the Long type. 
LuceneUtils A simple utility class for our common Lucene usage methods. 
MapUtils This class is deprecated. Use Guava or build your own inverter instead. Since v6.3.  
MemoryPool Holds information about a particular MemoryPool in the JVM. 
MemoryPools Gathers data about the JVM memory pools  
MeridianHour Holder of a 12 hour time with a meridian indicator (am/pm). 
MessageSet.MessageLink A simple class for holding link text and a link url. 
MessageSetImpl Message set implementation that uses the messages natural ordering to sort the messages that are added. 
NameComparator Comparison function that sorts based on the name of a Named object. 
NoopI18nFactory A factory for NoopI18nHelper objects. 
NoopI18nHelper An I18nHelper that returns the i18n key concatenated with its arguments. 
OracleDataSizeExceptionInterpreter This implementation of ExceptionInterpreter shows links to confluence howto's on how to fix the oracle large string problem. 
OrderByRequest<T> Represents an "order by" request. 
OrderByRequests Class containing useful methods for sorting in accordance with OrderByRequests. 
PageRequests Class containing static factory methods used to create PageRequest instances. 
Pages Class containing static factory methods used to create Page instances. 
ParameterUtils This class can be used to "parse" values from a map of parameters. 
PathUtils This class contains utility methods for manipulating paths. 
PeriodicClock A com.atlassian.core.util.Clock implementation that periodically increments the returned value. 
PortUtil Class that validates the value of a TCP/UDP port. 
Predicates.FalsePredicate<T> A predicate that always returns false. 
Predicates.TruePredicate<T> A predicate that always returns true. 
RealClock A clock implementation the returns the current time. 
SearchResultMatcher Matcher for SearchResult from testkit. 
SimpleErrorCollection The most straightforward serializable implementation of ErrorCollection interface. 
SimpleWarningCollection A simple implementation of the warning collection interface 
StrictMockClock A mock com.atlassian.core.util.Clock that will return predefined dates and will throws exception, if called more times than the number of predefined values. 
TempDirectoryUtil This util class was added to be able to create a "temporary" directory. 
TextUtil You can never have enough StringUtils or TextUtils  
UnsupportedBrowserManager Contains a map of unsupported browsers and error message keys. 
UriMatcher Utility class for matching URIs. 
UriQueryParser This class converts the URI query parameters into a map. 
UriValidator Verify that a url is not executable Needs to be instantiated to support testing - oh PowerMock wherefore art thou 
UriValidatorFactory Instantiates an UriValidator using the encoding defined in the ApplicationProperties 
UrlBuilder Builds a URL from parameters. 

Implements the 'www-form-urlencoded' encoding scheme, also misleadingly known as URL encoding. 

UrlValidator Performs URL validation. 
UserAgentUtilImpl Default Implementation for Sniffing User Agents. 
XmlReader This handles several XML-related tasks that normal Readers don't support, inluding use of IETF standard encoding names and automatic detection of most XML encodings. 
ZipUtils Simple utility functions for dealing with zip files. 



LockException Thrown when a timeout has been reached while trying to obtain a lock  
ParameterUtils.DateTooEarlyException This class is deprecated. Only used in deprecated method. Since v5.2.  
PathTraversalException Indicates that a potential path traversal was prevented. 
RuntimeInterruptedException Convenience class for re-throwing InterruptedException. 
RuntimeIOException An IOException was encountered and the stupid programmer didn't know how to recover, so this got thrown instead. 
ValidationFailureException A validation exception is essentially a "throwable" error collection.