ShareQueryFactory<S extends ShareTypeSearchParameter> Create the indexed field and then query terms to find entities that have permissions related to a particular ShareType
ShareType Interface for all ShareTypes in the JIRA. 
ShareTypeFactory Factory that supplies all ShareTypes that are available in the system. 
ShareTypePermissionChecker Classes that implement this interface check that a user has permission to see a SharedEntity shared by the associated ShareType. 
ShareTypeRenderer Implemented by ShareTypes to render their representation on the UI. 
ShareTypeValidator Interface that defines the validation of a particular ShareType


AbstractShareType Abstract class for ShareType classes. 
DefaultShareTypeFactory Default implementation that simply builds a list based on the constructor. 
GlobalShareQueryFactory Implementation of the ShareQueryFactory for the Global share type. 
GlobalShareType Implementation of the ShareType that allows a SharedEntity to be shared with all users on a JIRA instance. 
GlobalShareTypePermissionChecker Permissions Checker for globally shared SharedEntity
GlobalShareTypeRenderer A renderer for the GlobalShareType
GlobalShareTypeValidator A GlobalShareTypeValidator representing a globally shared SharedEntity
GroupSharePermission wrapper for GroupShareType SharePermission with convenience accessors and assertions. 
GroupShareType Represents sharing a SharedEntity with a group of JIRA users. 
GroupShareTypePermissionChecker Permissions Checker for SharedEntity objects that are shared with a group. 
GroupShareTypeRenderer Renderer for the GroupShareType
GroupShareTypeValidator A validator for the GroupShareType
PrivateShareQueryFactory Special ShareQueryFactory for the implied Private share type. 
ProjectSharePermission wrapper for ProjectShareType SharePermission with convenience accessors and assertions. 
ProjectSharePermissionComparator Compares to Project share types. 
ProjectShareType Represents sharing a SharedEntity with a all users that can browse a given project or is in a specified project role 
ProjectShareTypePermissionChecker Permission checker for the ProjectShareType 
ProjectShareTypeRenderer A ShareTypeRenderer for the ProjectShareType
ProjectShareTypeValidator Validator for ProjectShareType 
ShareType.Name The Name of this share type, constricts the getType()  
ShareTypeRenderer.RenderMode Enumeration representing the modes that shared can be rendered in Javascript. 
VelocityShareTypeRenderer A partial implementation of ShareTypeRenderer that can be used to generate HTML using Velocity templates.