BuildVersionLicenseCheck Checks that licenses are valid for a JIRA installation. 
ClusterLicenseCheck Implements license checks required to permit running JIRA in clustered mode ("DataCenter"). 
CreateIssueLicenseCheck Implements the license check required for users to be able to create issues. 
JiraLicenseManager This manager is the primary interface to performing license-related read/write operations, and to reading the license state of com.atlassian.application.api.ApplicationKey applications. 
LicenseBannerHelper Knows how to generate and control the license banner. 
LicenseCheck Root interface of classes that perform license-related checks. 
LicenseCountService Provides various counts of users in JIRA. 
LicensedApplications Encapsulates the application/role information embedded in a license
LicenseDetails A set of methods which describe the state of the currently installed license. 
LicenseDetails.LicenseContact Represents a license contact name/email pair. 
LicenseDetails.LicenseStatusMessage Encapsulates a collection of unordered, internationalised license-related status messages. 
LicenseDetailsFactory Provides the ability to extract a LicenseDetails object from a license String. 
LicenseJohnsonEventRaiser This can raise its Johnson with events related to licensing 
LicenseMaintenancePredicate Predicate to indicate whether or not the the passed license is within maintenance. 
LicenseStringFactory A factory to create license string from messages and hashes. 
MultiLicenseStore A store to save multiple licenses to a persistent location. 
RenaissanceMigrationStatus A store to indicate if renaissance migration (aka JIRA 6.x global permission to JIRA 7.0 application roles) has been run. 


BuildVersionLicenseCheckImpl Implements a license check that compares the earliest maintenance date of all current licenses to the current JIRA instance build date. 
ConfirmEvaluationLicenseEvent Event fired when a JIRA administrator requested to continue with evaluation license when the license support expired for the version of JIRA installed. 
DefaultLicenseContact A simple representation of a contact person associated with a JIRA License (name and email) 
DefaultLicensedApplications Default implementation of LicensedApplications
DefaultLicenseDetails Default implementation of the LicenseDetails interface. 
DefaultLicenseDetails.Link Utility class for HTML anchor tags  
Jira6xServiceDeskPluginEncodedLicenseSupplier Supplies a encoded plugin license for Service Desk version 1 or 2. 
Jira6xServiceDeskPluginLicenseSupplier Supplies a plugin license for Service Desk version 1 or 2. 
JiraProductLicense JIRA's interpreted version of an extras com.atlassian.extras.api.jira.JiraLicense. 
LegacyMultiLicenseStore This class reads licenses from legacy locations within JIRA. 
LicenseBannerHelperImpl Implements license-related reminders and warnings. 
LicenseChangedEvent Event fired when a new license is entered into JIRA. 
LicenseCheck.Failure Implements a LicenseCheck.Result that always fails
LicenseCheck.Result Encapsulates the result of a LicenseCheck, which may be either passed or failed, depending on the return value of isPass()
LicenseDetailsFactoryImpl.JiraProductLicenseManager JIRA internal license manager used for decoding license keys. 
LicenseJohnsonEventRaiserImpl An implementation of LicenseJohnsonEventRaiser 
LicenseMaintenancePredicateImpl Predicate to indicate whether or not the the passed license is within maintenance. 
MockLicenseDetailsBuilder Mock LicenseDetails Builder 
MultiLicenseStoreImpl Store that looks for licenses in the ProductLicense table. 
RenaissanceSwitchingMultiLicenseStore A MultiLicenseStore that switches its behaviour based on if renaissance migration has run or not. 
ServiceDeskLicenseConstants Some constants for parsing out Service Desk (SD) licenses. 

Subclass of DefaultLicenseDetails for implementing enterprise license-specific behaviour.