SharedHomeNodeStatusReader Reads the shared home status of a node. 
SharedHomeNodeStatusWriter Saves the shared home node status of a node. 
TimedClusterNodeHeartBeatDao Cluster node heartbeat DAO that adds operations to retrieve database timing information. 


ClusterNodeHeartbeat Represents a row in the cluster heartbeat DB table. 
DefaultSharedHomeNodeIO A reader and writer for shared home node status. 
JiraClusterLockDao JIRA implementation of the ClusterLockDao from the beehive clustering library. 
JiraClusterNodeHeartBeatDao JIRA implementation of ClusterNodeHeartBeatDao - used for cluster locks. 
NodeSharedHomeStatus Indicator of how a node is using a shared home directory. 
NullClusterNodeHeartbeatService Empty service for non-clustered environments  
NullJiraClusterNodeHeartBeatDao Created this class to avoid problems of dependencies in non-clustered environments  
StartableClusterNodeHeartbeatService JIRA implementation of ClusterNodeHeartbeatService that is Startable 
StartableDatabaseClusterLockService A DatabaseClusterLockService that ensures the getLockForName() method gets called once and only once, prior to any locks being given out.