CurlyQuotesFilter Applies the com.atlassian.core.filters.legacy.WordCurlyQuotesRequestWrapper to the request, in order to escape high-bit punctuation characters with ASCII equivalents in request parameter values. 
DisplayErrorServlet Generic error servlet. 
FixedEncodingFilter This filter sets fixed request and response encoding, supplied either as constructor parameter (for programatic usage), or as an init parameter. 
JiraCachingFilter Applies no-cache headers in JIRA. 
JiraDecoratingFilter A filter that runs decoration. 
JiraEncodingFilter This filter sets the request and response encoding. 
JiraFirstFilter This is the first filter that is run during a web request to JIRA. 
JiraImportProgressFilter This filter is used to report on progress of a data import. 
JiraLastFilter This is the last filter that is run during a web request to JIRA. 
JiraLoginFilter This javax.servlet.Filter implementation is a composite of the Seraph provided com.atlassian.seraph.filter.LoginFilter and com.atlassian.seraph.filter.HttpAuthFilter, which will allow HTTP basic Auth and os_username based login. 
JiraPostEncodingFilter A filter than runs immediately after the character encoding in JIRA has been set  

This filter is used to serve static filed through default RequestDispatcher. 

MultipartBoundaryCheckFilter This filter protects against CVE-2014-0050: Exploit with Boundaries, Loops without Boundaries 

Filter that applies appropriate encoding to request/response depending on the servlet path. 

SitemeshPageFilter This Sitemesh page filter adds HTTP request header-driven exclusions to the standard PageFilter. 
XContentTypeOptionsNoSniffFilter This exists solely to deal with a security vulnerability in Internet Explorer: JRA-28879 IE can be tricked into parsing a text/html page as a stylesheet if it contains certain characters.