ApplicationPropertiesConfiguration A webwork configuration class that will add JIRA's Application properties to the configuration stack. 
DelegatingConfiguration Simply delegates to another ConfigurationInterface but allows the ConfigurationInterface to be changed out for another one. 
JiraActionFactory JiraActionFactory replaces the webwork1 webwork.action.factory.DefaultActionFactory and avoids is unsafe web parameter setting as described in JRA-15664. 
JiraActionFactory.NonWebActionFactory This class is deprecated. since 5.0.7 
JiraAliasingActionFactoryProxy Aliasing action factory proxy. 
JiraPluginsConfiguration Delegating configuration that checks each WebworkModuleDescriptor for action names and action view mappings  

This will convert the given action alias name to an Action implementation name. 

WebworkConfigurator Provides a way for JIRA to configure Webwork to lookup action classes by setting the TypeResolver
WebworkConfigurator.ActionConfigResetListener This listener ensures that we don't leave any stale action configuration when webwork action plugin modules are disabled or enabled.