IssueSortComparator A means of comparing two issue documents in an index, using Lucene. 
MatchHandler Allows JiraLuceneFieldFinder to handle matched terms in a customised way. 


DefaultMatchHandler The default match handler used by getMatches(org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader, String)
DocumentSortComparatorSource This uses an Issue Sort Comparator to retrive the issue and then calls compare(Issue, Issue) for each document it encounters. 
DocumentSortComparatorSource.InternalFieldComparator This compares whole issues using the Issue Comparator passed in. 
JiraLuceneFieldFinder This used to be a cache of values but it was found that it consumed a hell of a lot of memory for no benefit (JRA-10111). 
MappedSortComparator This Sort Comparator uses a mixed strategy to retrieve the term values. 
SingleValueMatchHandler A match handler that assumes all values it will only ever see one value per document. 
StringSortComparator This supplies a Low Memory variant of Lucene's StringOrdValComparator. 
UserHistoryFieldComparatorSource Creates a new comparator that sorts based on UserHistory timestamp  
UserHistoryFieldComparatorSource.UserHistoryFieldComparator This compares user history timestamps.