AutomaticDataMapper Contains methods to automatically map data from our import file to the corresponding object in the current JIRA. 
MapperEntityRegister Interface that defines the simple way to register values in the Project Import file. 
ProjectImportIdMapper Base interface for a Project Import Id Mapper. 
ProjectImportMapper The parent mapper that holds all sub-mappers that are used for a project import. 
SimpleProjectImportIdMapper Defines a value mapper used for project import. 


AbstractMapper Abstract mapper that will manage most of the generic data for mappers. 
CustomFieldMapper Mapper for Custom Fields. 
CustomFieldOptionMapper Used to map custom field options from a backup project to an existing project. 
GroupMapper Maps groups from old to new system. 
IdKeyPair Used to hold a Id and key of a value that exists in either a backup JIRA or a live version of JIRA. 
IssueLinkTypeMapper Holds the mappings for an IssueLinkType. 
IssueTypeMapper The issue type mapper. 
ProjectImportMapperImpl Implementation of ProjectImportMapper. 
ProjectRoleActorMapper Maps data for the group/user project role membership. 
StatusMapper Allows you to map statuses. 
UserMapper Allows you to map Users.