SchemeDistiller This defines a interface for an object that is able to take a collection of Scheme objects and determine if these objects are the same (i.e. 


DistilledSchemeResult Represents the result of a 'distilling' opertion of the SchemeDistiller
DistilledSchemeResults This class will contain two collections. 
SchemeDistillerImpl Implements SchemeDistiller
SchemeEntityType This is a silly little wrapper that allows us to abstract the entityType information (ie for the Permssion and Notification types). 
SchemeRelationship This is used by the SchemeRelationships class to hold an individual relationship by entityType (ie 'Browse Project' permission, or 'Issue Created' notification). 
SchemeRelationships This object represents a table of results which are broken-down by scheme and entityType (ie 'Browse Project' permission, or 'Issue Created' notification).