SharedEntitySearcher<S extends SharedEntity> Perform searches for SharedEntity instances. 
SharedEntitySearchParameters Interface for the passing parameters when searching for SharedEntity instances. 
ShareTypeSearchParameter Interface for representing ShareType parameters in searches. 


AbstractShareTypeSearchParameter Object that represents a set of parameters when searching for all the SharePermissions of a particular ShareType. 
GenericValueComparator A comparator that gets a value from a GenericValue and then delegates comparison to either natural order or a specified delegate 
GlobalShareTypeSearchParameter Represents the search parameters when searching for Global ShareTypes. 
GroupShareTypeSearchParameter Represents the search parameters when searching for Group ShareTypes. 
PrivateShareTypeSearchParameter Search parameter when looking for private SharedEntity instances. 
ProjectShareTypeSearchParameter Represents the search parameters when searching for Project ShareTypes. 
SharedEntitySearchParameters.TextSearchMode A type safe enumeration for specify text searching mode. 
SharedEntitySearchParametersBuilder A builder object used to create searching parameters when looking for SharedEntityColumn instances. 
SharedEntitySearchResult<E extends SharedEntity> A pair that contains the result status of SharedEntity search. 


SharedEntitySearchContext Indicates the context of a shared entity search, shared entities can be searched in "USER" or "ADMINISTRATION" context. 


SearchParseException There was a problem parsing the search parameters.