ClauseValuesGenerator Generates the possible values for a field. 


AbstractIssueConstantValuesGenerator Generates autocomplete values for IssueConstants. 
ComponentClauseValuesGenerator Gets all component values 
CustomFieldOptionsClauseValuesGenerator Generates possible values for custom fields which use custom field options. 
GroupValuesGenerator Completes group names for the group custom fields. 
IssueTypeClauseValuesGenerator Will get all values for issue types. 
LabelsClauseValuesGenerator Generates completions to be used in the JQL autocomplete. 
PriorityClauseValuesGenerator Provideds the possible values for priority 
ProjectCategoryClauseValuesGenerator Generates values for project categories. 
ProjectClauseValuesGenerator Provides the possible values for projects that the user can see. 
ResolutionClauseValuesGenerator Gets all resolution values 
SavedFilterValuesGenerator Gets all matching filters. 
SecurityLevelClauseValuesGenerator Generates the possible values of security levels that the user can see. 
StatusCategoryClauseValuesGenerator Generates values for status categories. 
StatusClauseValuesGenerator Gets all values for status 
UserClauseValuesGenerator Gets all the users for the specified value. 
VersionClauseValuesGenerator Gets all the possible versions.