CustomFieldSortable This interface is deprecated. Please use SortableCustomFieldSearcher instead.  
IssueComparator A basic interface to allow fields to compare two issues  
LuceneFieldSorter<T> Implementations of this interface are used to sort Lucene search results of Issue Documents. 
ReaderCache Cache values by reader. 
SearchContext Represents the Project and IssueType combination which is used to determine the allowable fields and values when searching for Issues. 
SearchContextFactory Use this factory to construct a SearchContext
SearchProvider A SearchProvider in JIRA allows users to run structured searches against JIRA Lucene index as opposed to database (SQL) based queries. 
SearchProviderFactory Provides low-level searches that can be used to query indexes. 
SearchRequestAdminManager SearchRequestAdminManager is for the admin section only. 
SearchRequestAppender<T> This interface describes operations for appending clauses to existing SearchRequest queries. 
SearchRequestFactory Factory for constructing SearchRequests. 
SearchRequestManager This manager is responsible for SearchRequests. 
SearchRequestStore Store used for CRUD of SearchRequests 
SystemClauseHandlerFactory Provides access to System clause handlers, through SearchHandler.SearcherRegistration's for clauses that do not have associated system fields and searchers. 
TotalHitsAwareCollector Interface to allow classes that extend Collector to be informed of the total number of hits. 


CachingSearchRequestStore Caching store for SearchRequest
ClauseNames Represents a JQL clause name. 
ClauseRemovingCloningVisitor A visitor that will remove the specified named clauses from the query tree. 
ClauseRenamingCloningVisitor A visitor that will clone the tree it is visiting, renaming any terminal nodes whose name is a key in the substitutions map with its value in the substitutions map. 
ClauseReplacingCloningVisitor A visitor that will clone the tree it is visiting, replacing any terminal nodes with the same name as a node in the provided substitutions list with the substitution node. 
DefaultSearchRequestFactory Default Implementation for SearchRequestFactory 
FavouriteFilterLinkFactory Simple Link Factory for creating links to favourite filters 
MockJqlSearchRequest A mock search request to use when testing JQL code. 
OfBizSearchRequestStore OfBiz implementation of SearchRequestStore 
SearchContextFactoryImpl Use this factory to construct a SearchContext
SearchHandler Object used by the field to indicate how it can be searched and indexed. 
SearchHandler.ClauseRegistration Represents a JQL clause and how to process it. 
SearchHandler.SearcherRegistration Holds the link between an IssueSearcher and the JQL clauses (as SearchHandler.ClauseRegistrations) that it uses in the background to implement searching. 
SearchRequest A shareable representation of a search for issues. 
SearchRequestEntity A SearchRequest data object. 
SearchRequestInfo A class representing information related to a Search Request. 


ClauseTooComplexSearchException Thrown when a lucene is attempted to be built from a JQL query which is too complex.