ChangeHistoryManager Manages the change history of issues. 


ChangeHistory Represents an issue change history. 
ChangeHistoryFieldConstants This class is deprecated. since v6.2 This class is redundant, and not used by JIRA.  
ChangeHistoryGroup This groups ChangeHistoryGroup together to try and reduce org.apache.lucene.document.Document proliferation. 
ChangeHistoryItem A simple holder for change items In 4.4 the behaviour of this domain object was changed to add support for changes that can can have multi value states for instance an affectedVersion could change from the state "4.4 4.4.1" -> "4.4 4.4.1 4.4.2" To this end end extra methods are added getFroms(), getTos() that return a map of all the changes in a single change item getFrom and getTo will return the first change in this list, this will not break behaviour for any of the supported single value fields. 
JqlChangeItemMapping jql clause names do not always map well to the value stored in the change item table - fore instance fixVersions is stored as FIX Version Although SystemSearchConstants provides these values, it's a little overkill for what we need.