IndexValueConverter A simple interface for converting QueryLiterals to their index representation. 
JqlDateSupport Interface that helps with date parsing and validation in JQL. 
JqlIssueKeySupport Provide JQL with some helper functions when dealing with Issue Keys. 
JqlIssueSupport Some helper IssueLookup functions for JIRA. 
JqlLocalDateSupport Interface that helps with LocalDate parsing and validation in JQL. 
JqlStringSupport A utility code to help dealing with JQL strings. 
JqlTimetrackingDurationSupport Interface for assisting in the parsing of duration values 


DateRange A simple class to represent a date range 
GroupCustomFieldIndexValueConverter Converts a query literal into the votes index representation. 
JqlCascadingSelectLiteralUtil Utility class for processing QueryLiteral objects when dealing with CascadingSelectCFType custom field classes. 
JqlCustomFieldId A class that parsers the Jql syntax (e.g. 
JqlDateSupportImpl Default implementation for JqlDateSupport 
JqlIssueKeySupportImpl Default implementation of the JqlIssueKeySupport interface. 
JqlIssueSupportImpl Default implementation of JqlIssueSupport
JqlLocalDateSupportImpl Default implementation for JqlLocalDateSupport 
JqlSelectOptionsUtil Contains utility methods for processing select option clauses 
JqlStringSupportImpl Some utility code to help with JQL strings. 
JqlTimetrackingDurationSupportImpl The default implementation of JqlTimetrackingDurationSupport 
JqlVersionPredicate The JQL relational predicate for Versions. 
NumberIndexValueConverter Converts a query literal into a number index representation. 
SimpleIndexValueConverter Simplest index value converter that just uses the toString() implementation. 
VotesIndexValueConverter Converts a query literal into the votes index representation. 
WatchesIndexValueConverter Converts a query literal into the watches index representation.