AttachmentDataBulkImport Contains methods for bulk importing attachment data into the attachment storage subsystem. 
AttachmentDirectoryAccessor Interface for a component that provides access to attachment directories. 
AttachmentHealth Classes that implement this can report a health status. 
AttachmentStore This interface is deprecated. since 6.3. Please access attachments via AttachmentManager, and thumbnails via ThumbnailManager.  
AttachmentZipKit.AttachmentZipEntry These are the data returned about entries in a zip file  
BulkAttachmentOperations Methods for handling attachments in bulk. 
FileBasedAttachmentStore Interface for an attachment store that presents a File-based interface for accessing attachments. 
FileSystemAttachmentStore Marker interface for an AttachmentStore implementation that uses the file system. 
ReadOnlyFileBasedAttachmentStore Represents a read-only attachment store on a file system. 
RemoteAttachmentStore Marker interface for AttachmentStore implementations that work with a remote attachment store (e.g. 
SimpleAttachmentStore Represents the most fundamental functionality of an attachment store - streams. 


AttachmentAdapterImpl Used by Project Import. 
AttachmentConstants Constants useful for dealing with attachments 
AttachmentCreationDateComparator Attachment Comparator based on creation date in ascending order 

Compares attachments based on the file's name. 


Compares attachments by file name first, and then creation date if the file names are the same. 

AttachmentItem An attachment items holds an attachment and an optional thumbnail. 
AttachmentItems This class represents an ordered sequence of AttachmentItem's. 
AttachmentKey Wraps important information required to retrieve an attachment from an attachment store. 
AttachmentKeys Utility methods for creating AttachmentKeys. 
AttachmentsCategoriser Helper class for handling attachments on the view issue page. 
AttachmentZipFileCreator This class can create temporary zip files containing all the attachments on an issue 
AttachmentZipKit This class will help when working with zip files 
BlobStoreAttachmentStore Implementation of an attachment store that communicates with the Blobstore 
CreateAttachmentParamsBean Bean containing parameters, which describe created attachment. 
CustomCloseableInputStream A proxy input stream that allows for custom behaviour when the close() method is called. 
DefaultReadOnlyFileSystemAttachmentStore Basic implementation of a ReadOnlyFileBasedAttachmentStore rooted at the specified root directory. 
DualAttachmentStore AttachmentStore implementation that wraps around two AttachmentStores (a file system implementation, and a remote Blobstore implementation), and handles delegating to them appropriately given dark feature flags. 
FileAttachments Contains utility methods for dealing with attachments on the file system. 
FileSystemAttachmentDirectoryAccessor Implementation of the AttachmentDirectoryAccessor that deals with filesystem-based attachment storage. 
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TemporaryAttachment Represents a temporary attachment, that is an attachment that's been uploaded to the server but not yet attached to an issue. 



AttachmentCleanupException Represents a situation where attachments could not be cleaned up. 
AttachmentDeleteException Represents a case where there was an deleting reading the attachment (e.g. 
AttachmentMoveException Represents a case where there was an error moving the attachment. 
AttachmentReadException Represents a case where there was an error reading the attachment (e.g. 
AttachmentRuntimeException Base class for attachment exceptions that may come from asynchronous operations. 
AttachmentStorageUnavailableException Represents a case where the attachment storage subsystem is unavailable e.g. 
AttachmentWriteException Represents a case where writing attachment data has failed (e.g. 
NoAttachmentDataException Represents a case where there is an Attachment record in the database, but no underlying data. 
TemporaryAttachmentStorageUnavailableException Represents a case where the storage subsystem for temporary attachments (e.g.