ComponentManager.State The state of the ComponentManager
InitializingComponent Similar to InitializingBean in Spring - this should be implemented by a component where you want to do some work immediately after registration 
JiraApplicationContext High level component that represents the single instance of JIRA. 
JiraDataType Defines a domain specific data type. 
JiraManager This interface is deprecated. This interface is meaningless. Since v5.2.  


AbstractSimpleI18NBean A simple java bean that returns i18n name and description values. 
ComponentManager This component manager uses PicoContainer to resolve all the dependencies between components. 
DefaultHostContextAccessor This is necessary to provide a generic way for SAL to access a component that may not have been published the plugins 2.0 way. 
DefaultJiraApplicationContext Default singleton production implementation. 
JiraDataTypeImpl Each data type can specify a collection of actual java types, represented via their Class, that this type is. 
JiraDataTypes Defines the known data types
LockServiceRegistrar Registers the ClusterLockService as a JIRA component. 
ManagerFactory This class is deprecated. Use ComponentAccessor instead. Since v4.4.  
MultipleKeyRegistrant<T> Helper utility which helps to create single instance of object exposed under multiple keys 
WrappedComponentContainer This class holds reference to ComponentContainer used to instantiate objects