FieldValueToDisplayTransformer<T> Transforms a given object returned from StatisticsMapperWrapper result set to a more friendly form such as a string or StatsMarkup. 


AbstractOneDimensionalHitCollector Used to traverse a query and collect if the specified one dimension is relevant, this will keep track of the irrelevant count. 
CachingStatisticsMapper A statisticsMapper that caches the return value from getValueFromLuceneField(String) in an internal cache. 
ComparatorSelector Utility for selecting comparator basing on mapper type 
DefaultFieldValueToDisplayTransformer Util object for transformaing a field/value into a displayable format for the a pie chart or heat map. 
DocumentHashingHitCollector A Collector that iterates through the documents, and calculates a hash code. 
DocumentHitCollector This class is deprecated. {@since v6.1} Only return the fields you seek. See FieldableDocumentHitCollector  
FieldableDocumentHitCollector A Lucene search Collector that retrieves only a subset of fields within the Document for each result. 
HitCollectorUtil Has some utility methods that the hit collectors can use. 
NumericComparator Class for comparing numeric fields (allows decimals)  
ObjectToFieldValueMapper Converts a given object returned from a StatisticsMapperWrapper result set into an appropriate form, e.g. 
OneDimensionalDocHitCollector A HitCollector that accesses the document directly to get the values for a field. 
OneDimensionalDocIssueHitCollector A HitCollector that accesses the document directly to get the values for a field. 
OneDimensionalObjectHitCollector A HitCollector that creates a doc -> object mapping. 
OneDimensionalTermHitCollector A HitCollector that creates a doc -> term mapping. 
PrefixFieldableHitCollector A fieldable hit collector to retrieve all the terms matching a certain prefix provided. 
StatisticsMapperWrapper Provides a convenient implementation of the StatisticsMapper interface that can be subclassed by developers wishing to adapt the request to a mapper. 
TwoDimensionalTermHitCollector A HitCollector that creates a doc -> term mapping.