ClauseContext Used to specify the context for an individual clause. 
ClauseContextFactory Creates a ClauseContext for the associated clause. 
IssueTypeContext Represents an IssueType that is part of a search context. 
ProjectContext Represents an IssueType that is part of a search context. 
ProjectIssueTypeContext Specifies a project to issue types context. 
QueryContext Represents a context of projects and issuetypes generated from a search query. 


AbstractProjectAttributeClauseContextFactory<T> An abstract class for generating the context for version and components of projects. 
AllIssueTypesContext Represents the special case of all issue types in an unenumerated form. 
AllProjectsContext Represents the specicial case of all projects, in an unenumerated form. 
AllTextClauseContextFactory Calculates the context of the "all text" clause. 
CascadingSelectCustomFieldClauseContextFactory The context calculation for cascading select. 
ComponentClauseContextFactory A context factory for project component clauses. 
ContextProjectMap Helper class to simplify the job of combining multiple contexts 
ContextSetUtil Performs set utilities on ClauseContext's 
CustomFieldClauseContextFactory Generates the ClauseContext for a custom field. 
FieldConfigSchemeClauseContextUtil A utlitilty class for generating the clause context specified by a FieldConfigScheme, taking into account what is visible to the searcher. 
IntersectingClauseContextFactory An intersecting ClauseContextFactory that intersectects the generated query contexts of its sub ClauseContextFactory's 
IssueIdClauseContextFactory A context factory for issue keys and id clauses. 
IssueParentClauseContextFactory A context factory for issue parent clauses. 
IssueSecurityLevelClauseContextFactory A context factory for issue security level clauses. 
IssueSecurityLevelClauseContextFactory.Creator Convenience factory class for instantiating IssueSecurityLevelClauseContextFactory so that we don't need to move all the dependencies around. 
IssueTypeClauseContextFactory Generates a ClauseContext based on the issue type values and the project they are visible in 
MultiClauseDecoratorContextFactory Decorates a ClauseContextFactory to ensure that:
 context(k in (a, b, c)) <=> context(k = a or k = b or k = c)
 context(k not in (a, b, c)) <=> context(k != a and k != b and k != c)
It does this by intercepting calls to getClauseContext(User, com.atlassian.query.clause.TerminalClause) with a terminal clause that contains the IN or NOT_IN operator and converts it into equivalent multiple calls to the delegate factory. 
MultiClauseDecoratorContextFactory.Factory Factory to create a MultiClauseDecoratorContextFactory given a ClauseContextFactory to wrap. 
ProjectCategoryClauseContextFactory Generates a ClauseContext for a project category clause based on the specified project values and the projects that the user has permission to see. 
ProjectClauseContextFactory Generates a ClauseContext for a project clause based on the specified project values and the projects that the user has permission to see. 
QueryContextVisitor A visitor that is used to generate a QueryContextVisitor.ContextResult, which contains the full and simple QueryContexts of the visited Query
QueryContextVisitor.ContextResult The result of visiting a Query with the QueryContextVisitor
QueryContextVisitor.QueryContextVisitorFactory Constructs an instance of QueryContextVisitor for use. 
SavedFilterClauseContextFactory A Clause context factory for saved filters. 
SelectCustomFieldClauseContextFactory Generates the ClauseContext for a select custom field. 
SimpleClauseContextFactory A Clause context factory that returns a ClauseContext with all issue types and all projects. 
StatusClauseContextFactory A context factory for project status clauses. 
ValidatingDecoratorContextFactory A ClauseContextFactory that wraps another ClauseContextFactory to ensure that the getClauseContext(User, com.atlassian.query.clause.TerminalClause) method on the wrapped object is only called when this passed TerminalClause passes usage validation. 
VersionClauseContextFactory A context factory for project version clauses (fix and affects). 


QueryContextElementType Specifies if a query context element is of a specific type.