JiraEvent The base event class for all events fired within JIRA. 
JiraListener A JIRA-specific EventListener. 
ListenerManager Responsible for maintaining a event listeners. 
ProjectRelatedEvent Common interface which should be implemented for all project related events. 


AbstractEvent An abstract implementation of a JiraEvent  
AbstractProjectEvent Basic representation of something that happens to a Project, such as a modification. 
AbstractWorkflowEvent Author: jdoklovic  
ClearCacheEvent Thrown when JIRA should clear and reinit all of its caches. 
ComponentManagerShutdownEvent Raised when the ComponentManager is about to be shutdown 
ComponentManagerStartedEvent Raised when the ComponentManager has started 
DashboardViewEvent Published when the dashboard page is viewed. 
DraftWorkflowCreatedEvent Author: jdoklovic  
DraftWorkflowDeletedEvent Author: jdoklovic  
DraftWorkflowPublishedEvent Author: jdoklovic  
EventListeners Utility class for operating on event listeners. 
HasEventListenerFor Hamcrest matcher that determines if a given class is capable of handling an event. 
JiraEventExecutorFactory This is a thread pool for async events. 
JiraListenerHandlerConfigurationImpl Provides the listener handlers for atlassian-events that JIRA requires. 

Raised when JIRA finishes the upgrade process. 

ListenerFactory The base factory used to create Listeners. 
ProjectCreatedEvent Event that is triggered when a project is created. 
ProjectDeletedEvent Event that is triggered when a project is deleted. 
ProjectUpdatedEvent Event indicating a project has been updated 
SubvertedListenerManager A Noop listener manager. 
WorkflowCopiedEvent Author: jdoklovic  
WorkflowCreatedEvent Event indicating a workflow has been created. 
WorkflowDeletedEvent Author: jdoklovic  
WorkflowImportedFromXmlEvent Event indicating a workflow has been imported via an XML file. 
WorkflowUpdatedEvent Event indicating a workflow has been updated. 


ListenerException The exception that should be thrown for all errors within Listeners.