ClusterManager Manages the cluster - addition of nodes, removal, etc 
ClusterMessageConsumer The interface to be implemented by classes wishing to listen to messages sent to a cluster. 
ClusterMessagingService Service responsible for notifying ClusterMessageConsumer instances when messages are waiting to be processed. 
ClusterNodeProperties This is used to lookup cluster properties from the underlying properties file. 
ClusterServicesManager Start and stop clustered services 
ClusterServicesRegistry Holds the cluster specific services 
MessageHandlerService Synchronously send and receive messages 
NodeStateManager Manage the state of nodes in the HA Cluster. 
NodeStateService A service relating to the state of nodes within a JIRA cluster. 


ClusterMessage Represents a message sent from a node 
ClusterNodePropertiesImpl Responsible for loading the cluster properties from file, if it exists 
DatabaseClusterMessagingService Provides an implementation for the ClusterMessagingService that wraps an existing MessageHandlerService in order to provide an API that can be consumed by plugins. 
DefaultClusterManager Manages the cluster - addition of nodes, removal, etc 
DefaultClusterServicesManager Starts and stops clustering specific services - checks to see if clustered 
DefaultClusterServicesRegistry Simple registry for clustered services. 
DefaultNodeStateManager Manage the state of the current node. 
DefaultNodeStateService The NodeStateService implementation. 
EhCacheConfigurationFactory Builder for our EhCacheConfiguration. 
EventMessageConsumer Consumes cluster messages and pushes them out to the EventPublisher. 
Message Represents the set of messages that can be sent in the cluster 
Node Represents a node in the cluster 
OfBizClusterMessageStore Responsible for storing and retrieving cluster messages in the underlying database. 
OfBizClusterNodeStore Responsible for storing and retrieving ClusterNode state in the underlying database 
OfBizMessageHandlerService Provides an implementation for the ClusterMessagingService that uses OfBiz to manage the message queue in the database and holds any listeners via a weak reference so that it doesn't keep listeners alive across plugin restarts, etc. 



ClusterStateException A generic exception for cluster related problems 
NotClusteredException Thrown when a cluster-specific operation is attempted but the target instance is not part of a cluster.