EntityProperty Container for arbitrary JSON data attached to an entity. 
EntityPropertyHelper<E extends WithId> The implementations of this interface are defining permission checking, persistence layer and events for entities E which are identifiable by id. 
EntityPropertyHelper.CheckPermissionFunction<E extends WithId> The base function for checking of permissions on chosen entities. 
EntityPropertyQuery<T extends EntityPropertyQuery<T>> A query builder for requests to the JsonEntityPropertyManager
EntityPropertyQuery.ExecutableQuery An EntityPropertyQuery for which sufficient contraints have been provided to make the query valid. 
EntityPropertyService<T extends WithId> The service used to add, update, retrieve and delete properties from entities. 
EntityWithKeyPropertyHelper<E extends WithKey & WithId> The implementations of this interface extends the permission checking, persistence and events layers defined by EntityPropertyHelper with operations identifying entities by keys. 
EntityWithKeyPropertyService<T extends WithId & WithKey> Extension of the EntityPropertyService specific for entities which are identifiable by key. 
JsonEntityPropertyManager Low-level database API for accessing JSON entity properties. 


BaseEntityPropertyService<E extends WithId> The base implementation of EntityPropertyService
BaseEntityWithKeyPropertyService<E extends WithKey & WithId> The base implementation of EntityWithKeyPropertyService
DelegatingEntityPropertyService<E extends WithId> Delegates execution of methods from EntityPropertyService to an instance of BaseEntityPropertyService
DelegatingEntityWithKeyPropertyService<E extends WithId & WithKey> Delegates execution of methods from EntityWithKeyPropertyService to an instance of BaseEntityWithKeyPropertyService
EntityPropertyOptions This is a holder object for Entity Property Options. 
EntityPropertyService.EntityPropertyInput Tuple with property value, property key, entity id and entity name, which will be persisted by the service. 
EntityPropertyService.PropertyInput The key-value pair associated to the entity. 
EntityPropertyType Type of the entity property. 
JsonEntityPropertyManagerImpl Low-level database API for accessing JSON entity properties. 


FieldTooLongJsonPropertyException Indicates that one of the data fields provided for a JSON property was too long. 
InvalidJsonPropertyException Indicates that the String value supplied as a JSON EntityProperty could not be accepted because it is malformed.