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Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo

Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo
 interface Describable

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Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in
 interface Build
          Deprecated. since 2.7 as there are no more buildable top level plans
 interface Buildable
 interface Job

Classes in that implement DescriptionProvider
 class AbstractBuildable
 class BuildObjectForTests
          Information about a build under Continuous Integration.
 class DefaultBuild
 class DefaultJob
 class TestBuildObjectForTests

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.chains

Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.chains
 interface Chain
 interface ChainStage
 interface ChainStageResult
          Represents the result of a ChainStage execution

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.chains that implement DescriptionProvider
 class ChainStageImpl
 class ChainStageResultImpl
 class DefaultChain

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.plan

Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.plan
 interface Plan
 interface TopLevelPlan
          Marker interface that specifies that the implementing Plan is a 'top level' object

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.plan that implement DescriptionProvider
 class AbstractPlan

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.hg

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.hg that implement DescriptionProvider
 class HgRepository

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.project

Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.project
 interface Project
          Represents a Bamboo project object.

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.project that implement DescriptionProvider
 class DefaultProject

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository

Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository
 interface CleanCheckoutAwareRepository
 interface CleanWorkingDirectoryAwareRepository
          Allows the user to configure the Build so that the working directory is cleared builds that are BuildState.SUCCESS
 interface IncludeExcludeAwareRepository
 interface InitialBuildAwareRepository
          Allows the Repository to perform custom actions
 interface MavenPomAccessorCapableRepository
          Defines a repository which can setup itself using Maven SCM url as defined in
 interface MutableQuietPeriodAwareRepository
          An extension of the QuietPeriodAwareRepository that allows you to set the values as well as read them
 interface QuietPeriodAwareRepository
          Repositories that implement this method will continue to collect changes for every QuietPeriodAwareRepository.getQuietPeriod() up to QuietPeriodAwareRepository.getMaxRetries() times.
 interface Repository
          Basic contract for interfacing with various version control repository systems.
 interface SelectableAuthenticationRepository

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository that implement DescriptionProvider
 class AbstractRepository
          This class provides common repository implementation code,

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.cvsimpl

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.cvsimpl that implement DescriptionProvider
 class CVSRepository
          This class provides a CVS implemention of the Repository interface.

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.perforce

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.perforce that implement DescriptionProvider
 class PerforceRepository
          This class provides a Perforce implemention of the Repository interface.

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.svn

Classes in com.atlassian.bamboo.repository.svn that implement DescriptionProvider
 class SvnRepository
          This class provides a Subversion repository for Bamboo.

Uses of DescriptionProvider in com.atlassian.bamboo.utils

Methods in com.atlassian.bamboo.utils that return types with arguments of type DescriptionProvider
static java.util.Comparator<DescriptionProvider> Comparators.getDescriptionProviderComparator()

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Subinterfaces of DescriptionProvider in
 interface PostConfigurableRepository
 interface RepositoryEventAware
          An interface that allows the repository to do something before and after the checkout / update occurs

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