Package com.atlassian.bamboo.utils

Interface Summary
BambooTemporaryDirectoryTestCase UT classes descending from BambooMockitoTestCase implementing this interface will have a temporary directory created in setUp() and removed in tearDown()
DescriptionProvider General interface for entities providing name and description without ability to change them
NameProvider General interface for entities providing name without ability to change it

Class Summary
BambooTestUtils This class provides a collection of utility methods for use in the unit tests
BambooValidate Place for all validation methods you can't find in org.apache.commons.validator framework
DefaultVelocityEngine This class provides a common place for configuring Velocity's nasty singleton controller.
DurationUtils This class provide some Time formatting methods.
EscapeChars This class provides various character escaping utility methods,
FileCopier This class provides common file copying code
FilePermissionUtil Utility class for changing the file permissions using JDK1.6 File.setWritable and family if available, falling back to executing a chmod command.
FileVisitor This class uses patterns to identify determine which files should be visited.
IpAddressValidator A class for checking to see if a String is a valid IP Address.
JavaVirtualMachineDetector Based on comment from Vincent Massol on the forums:
Pair<A,B> A simple Pair class
Random This class generates random stuff!
RandomGUID This class generates Global Unique Ids (GUIDS).
ResourceResolver A utility class the allows a resource name to resolve a a file from: Bamboo configiration folder - iff bootstrapManager is passed Currently running directory From the classpath
SystemProperty This class represents system properties as constants.
Timer This allows graceful timeouts to time consuming tasks (such as sending emails).

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