public interface


implements OutputHandler

Class Overview

Describes an OutputHandler which processes the standard output stream from a Command and, optionally, produces some object T from it.

For commands which produce no interesting output, or for output handlers which process output in a way that does not result in an object graph (for example, handlers that directly pipe data through some sort of callback), T should be specialised as Void and getOutput() should return null.

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Public Methods
@Nullable T getOutput()
Retrieves the processed output, if any.
Inherited Methods
From interface com.atlassian.utils.process.OutputHandler

Public Methods

@Nullable public T getOutput ()

Retrieves the processed output, if any.

Output handler implementations which are expected or required to produce output are encouraged to defer throwing any exception indicating no output was produced until this method is called, rather than throwing the exception during processing.

  • the processed output, which may be null if the command produced no interesting output