CancelState Tracks the cancelation state of a cancelable operation. 
DateFormatter Allows the formatting of a date according to predefined formats. 
NamedLink An optionally-named link relating to an entity. 
Operation<T, E extends Throwable> Interface for operations carried out by services on behalf of plugins 
Page<T> Provides support for pagination. 
PagedCallback Marker interface augmenting a callback which produces a Page of results during its processing. 
PageRequest Pagination for a request. 
Progress A representation of the current progress of a task  
ProgressReporter A reporter for the current status of a task. 
UncheckedOperation<T> Convenience version of Operation that does not define a checked exception on its interface. 


AbstractPagedSummary Extends AbstractSummary and adds additional properties for summarizing a page of output. 
AbstractPagedSummary.AbstractPagedBuilder<B extends AbstractPagedBuilder<B, S extends AbstractPagedSummary>, S>  
AbstractSummary A base class for building summary objects that can be provided to callbacks when operations complete. 
AbstractSummary.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, S extends AbstractSummary>, S>  
CustomPreconditions More precondition checks following the same pattern as Guava's Preconditions
FilteredPageImpl<T> An instance of Page that supports pagination across an underlying paged collection. 
MoreCollectors Additional utility methods missing from Collectors. 
MoreFiles Additional utility methods missing from Files. 
MoreStreams Additional utilities for creating Stream streams. 
PageRequestImpl Default implementation of PageRequest
ProgressImpl A default immutable implementation of the Progress interface. 
SetFilePermissionRequest Request to set permissions on a Path. 
SimpleNamedLink A simple implementation of the NamedLink interface. 
Version Version represents a version. 


DateFormatter.FormatType A predefined date format. 
FilePermission Enumerates the different types of permissions that can be set on a file. 
Order Specifies the direction a list of results should be ordered - ascending or descending order.