ApplicationUser Represents a registered application user. 
ApplicationUserVisitor<T> Implements the visitor pattern for users
DetailedGroup Extends a group, which is a simple String name generally, with additional details relating to the directory backing the group. 
DetailedUser Extends a ApplicationUser with additional details relating to the directory backing the user. 
EscalatedSecurityContext Custom security context that specifies as what user and with which additional permissions an Operation should be called. 
Person A minimal person abstraction, suitable for describing authors, committers and other people who may not have an explicit user account. 
RecentlyAccessedRepositoriesService Provides a history of repositories users have browsed. 
SecurityService Plugins may wish to perform operations as a particular user. 
ServiceUser Represents a registered service user. 
UserAdminService Provides methods for querying, creating and updating users and groups. 
UserMentionScanner Handles rendering and parsing user mention strings in texts. 
UserMentionScanner.UserMention Represents the location and content of a user mention in the text. 
UserService Provides methods for querying users



UserType The type of user  


NoSuchGroupException Specialisation of NoSuchEntityException thrown to indicate the named group does not exist. 
NoSuchUserException Indicates the named user does not exist  
UserErasureException Raised when the execution of delegated erasure operations fails.