Package com.atlassian.jira.config.managedconfiguration

Interface Summary
ManagedConfigurationItemService This provides an API for plugin developers and for JIRA internally to restrict the administration of certain configuration items.
ManagedConfigurationItemStore Store layer of ManagedConfigurationItemService.

Class Summary
DefaultManagedConfigurationItemService The default implementation of ManagedConfigurationItemService.
DefaultManagedConfigurationItemStore The default implementation of ManagedConfigurationItemStore.
ManagedConfigurationItem Represents a configuration item in JIRA (an instance of a CustomField, a JiraWorkflow, etc.) which is being managed by a plugin or JIRA itself.
ManagedConfigurationItemBuilder This builder can be used to modify the properties of an existing ManagedConfigurationItem.

Enum Summary
ConfigurationItemAccessLevel These values define the different access levels that exist for altering a ManagedConfigurationItem.
ManagedConfigurationItemType The types of items which can be "managed".

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