Interface Summary
ApplicationProperties This can be used to lookup JIRA application properties.
BackingPropertySetManager The PropertySet that backs the PropertiesSet needs to be Switchable - to allow the PicoContainer to manage this switching via ComponentAdapters we need an interface
ExampleGenerator TODO: Document this class / interface here
JiraProperties Provides controlled access to system properties.
PropertiesAccessor Interface for accessing system properties.
SystemPropertyKeys Keys of system properties used by JIRA to trigger different behaviour at runtime.

Class Summary
APKeys.JiraIndexConfiguration Lucene IndexWriter configuration
APKeys.JiraIndexConfiguration.Batch Batch mode config
APKeys.JiraIndexConfiguration.Interactive Interactive mode config
APKeys.JiraIndexConfiguration.Issue Issue indexing
APKeys.JiraIndexConfiguration.MergePolicy Merge policy config
APKeys.JiraIndexConfiguration.SharedEntity SharedEntity indexing
APKeys.Languages These are the Lucene indexing Languages, not the languages for displaying user messages.
ApplicationPropertiesChecker Checks that application properties (e.g.
ApplicationPropertiesImpl A class to manage the interface with a single property set, used for application properties
ApplicationPropertiesStore This class is responsible for loading jira's configuration properties.
DbBackedPropertiesManager A container for managing PropertySet.
JiraPropertiesImpl Handles getting and setting of system properties.
JiraSystemProperties This class provides access to system properties.
JiraSystemPropertiesCache This class provides caching of system properties.
LookAndFeelBean Bean mainly used to maintain a version number for all the menu colours.
LookAndFeelBean.DefaultColours These are the "intended" colours for the JIRA Header.
LookAndFeelBean.DefaultCommonColours These are the intended colours for the new common Header.
MemorySwitchToDatabaseBackedPropertiesManager A Container for a MemorySwitchToDatabasePropertySet
PropertiesManager This class has undergone significant change in 4.4 to support the new in line database functionality.
PropertySetUtils Static methods to get property sets
SystemPropertiesAccessor Implementation of accessing the system properties.

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