Package com.atlassian.jira.issue

Interface Summary
AttachmentManager Manages all attachment related tasks in JIRA, which involves retrieving an attachment, creating an attachment and deleting an attachment.
CustomFieldManager Functions for working with CustomFields.
Issue Main issue interface.
IssueConstant Abstraction to represent any of the various constants like Resolution, Status etc.
IssueFactory The IssueFactory is used for creating Issues in JIRA, as well as converting GenericValue issue objects to proper Issue objects.
IssueInputParameters This represents an issue builder and can be used to provide parameters that can be used to create and update an issue through the IssueService.
IssueManager A class to manage interactions with issues
IssueRelationConstants Named relations of issues, from the entitymodel.xml file.
MutableIssue Facade for an issue's GenericValue.
RendererManager This is the main interface to the renderer components.
TemporaryAttachmentsMonitorLocator Locator to abstract how we obtain the TemporaryAttachmentsMonitor.

Class Summary
ActionConstants A holder for constants representing each type of Action in the sense that comment and worklog entities were known as Actions.
DefaultTemporaryAttachmentsMonitorLocator Default implementation that uses the http session for storage.
IssueImpl Issue implementation which caches read data, and can persist its data to the database (via an Ofbiz GenericValue.
IssueInputParametersImpl Default implementation of IssueInputParameters.
IssueUtilsBean Deprecated. Use IssueWorkflowManager instead.
ModifiedValue Struct-like class for storing an old field value/new field value pair.

Exception Summary

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