Interface Summary
AddressableEntity Any REST resource representation with URI to itself (or to its complete version - when partial representation is embedded in other resources)
AuthenticationHandler TODO: Document this class / interface here
ComponentRestClient The client handling component resources
ExpandableResource TODO: Document this class / interface here
IssueRestClient The client handling issue resources.
JiraRestClient Main access point to REST client.
JiraRestClientFactory Factory for producing JIRA REST client with selected authentication handler
MetadataRestClient Serves information about JIRA metadata like server information, issue types defined, stati, priorities and resolutions.
ProgressMonitor All remote operations take a parameter of this interface.
Firstly it serves as a clear marker of a remote call.
ProjectRestClient The client handling project resources.
SearchRestClient The client handling search REST resource
SessionRestClient Client handling the current user session
UserRestClient The client handling user resources.
VersionRestClient The client responsible for Project version(s) related operations

Class Summary
ExpandableProperty<T> Represents a resource which can be expandable - that is REST API is capable of sending just the number of child resources or when the entity is expanded, also the child resources themselves
NullProgressMonitor NOP implementation of the progress monitor

Exception Summary
RestClientException Basic exception which may be thrown by any remote operation encapsulated by the REST client.

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