PullRequestActivity A pull request activity, used to track significant events in a pull request's lifecycle. 
PullRequestActivityPage<T extends PullRequestActivity> A Page of activities allowing clients to both advance and reverse from this page by using the results of getPreviousPageStartId() and getNextPageRequest()
PullRequestCommentActivity A PullRequestActivity representing a comment action made on the contents of the pull request. 
PullRequestMergeability Describes whether a pull request can merge and why this is so. 
PullRequestMergeActivity A PullRequestActivity representing when the pull request was merged. 
PullRequestMergeConfig Describes the configuration for how pull requests will be merged in a given repository. 
PullRequestMergeStrategy Describes a strategy for merging a pull request. 
PullRequestMergeVeto Represents the details of a merge request veto. 
PullRequestParticipant Describes a participant on a pull request. 
PullRequestRef A ref involved in a pull request, linking to the repository the ref is in. 
PullRequestRescopeActivity A PullRequestActivity added when the source or target ref of the pull request moves. 
PullRequestReviewersUpdatedActivity A PullRequestActivity added when the reviewers of a pull request are updated. 
PullRequestService A service for the management of pull requests and their comments. 
PullRequestSupplier Allows retrieving pull requests by their target repository and ID
RescopeDetails Lists the commits added or removed by a pull request rescope


AbstractPullRequestMergeConfigRequest.AbstractBuilder<B extends AbstractBuilder<B, R extends AbstractPullRequestMergeConfigRequest>, R>  
AbstractPullRequestRequest Base class for requests affecting pull requests. 
AbstractPullRequestRequest.AbstractBuilder<T extends AbstractBuilder<T>>  
PullRequestActivitySearchRequest Request for searching for pull requests' activities. 
PullRequestChangesRequest Request arguments for streamChanges(PullRequestChangesRequest, ChangeCallback)
PullRequestCommitSearchRequest Request for searching for pull requests associated with a commit. 
PullRequestCreateRequest A request to create a new pull request using the provided properties. 
PullRequestCreateRequest.AbstractBuilder<T extends AbstractBuilder<T>>  
PullRequestDeclineRequest Request object used for declining a pull request
PullRequestDeleteRequest Request object used for deleting a pull request
PullRequestDiffRequest Request arguments for streamDiff(PullRequestDiffRequest, DiffContentCallback)
PullRequestMergeRequest Describes a request to merge a PullRequest
PullRequestParticipantRequest Request for searching for pull requests by participant. 
PullRequestParticipantSearchRequest Request for searching pull request participant users. 
PullRequestSearchRequest Request for searching for pull requests. 
PullRequestTaskSearchRequest Request for searching a pull request's tasks
PullRequestUpdateRequest Request object used for updating a pull request
SimplePullRequestActivityPage<T extends PullRequestActivity>  


PullRequestAction Enumerates the actions which can be taken on a pull request, defining the activities that may occur. 
PullRequestActivityType Types of activities that can be searched. 
PullRequestChangeScope Specifies the scope of the changes for a pull request. 
PullRequestDirection Specified the direction of a pull request relative to a subject repository and branch. 
PullRequestEntityType Enumerates types of entities connected with a pull request. 
PullRequestMergeConfigType Configuration for pull request merge strategies can be applied at different levels, which are described here. 
PullRequestMergeOutcome Enumerates the possible outcomes for attempting to merge a pull request. 
PullRequestOrder Specifies the direction a list of results should be ordered - oldest first or newest first. 
PullRequestParticipantStatus Enumerates all the possible statuses a participant can have with regards to a pull request. 
PullRequestRole Enumerates the possible roles a participant can have in a pull request. 
PullRequestState Enumerates the possible states a pull request can be in. 


DuplicatePullRequestException Indicates a pull request could not be created because there is already an open pull request with the same to/from repositories and branches. 
EmptyPullRequestException Indicates a pull request could not be created because it would have no commits. 
IllegalPullRequestSearchRequestException Indicates that a search request was invalid. 
IllegalPullRequestStateException Thrown when an operation fails because the pull request is not in the expected state
InvalidPullRequestParticipantException Indicates an operation to mutate particulars of an existing pull request participant or an operation to add a participant to a pull request is invalid. 
InvalidPullRequestReviewersException Indicates one or more reviewers could not be added to a new or existing pull request because the users either don't exist, don't have permission to view the pull request. 
InvalidPullRequestRoleException Indicates the supplied role is invalid for the current operation  
NoSuchParticipantException Indicates that the person specified in the operation is not a participant of the pull request. 
NoSuchPullRequestException Indicates that a pull request was requested that does not exist. 
PullRequestDeletionCanceledException Thrown when an event listener cancels the event raised before a pull request is deleted. 
PullRequestDeletionDisabledException Thrown when a user, or a plugin, attempts to delete a pull request when the feature has been disabled. 
PullRequestMergeVetoedException Indicates a pull request merge request was vetoed by one or more merge-check plugin modules. 
PullRequestOpenCanceledException Thrown when an event listener cancels the event raised before a pull request is opened. 
PullRequestOutOfDateException A specialization of EntityOutOfDateException thrown when a PullRequest's version is out-of-date. 
UnmodifiablePullRequestRoleException Thrown when attempting to modify the author of a pull request.