public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.atlassian.bitbucket.pull.PullRequestCreateRequest

Class Overview

A request to create a new pull request using the provided properties.


Nested Classes
class PullRequestCreateRequest.AbstractBuilder<T extends AbstractBuilder<T>>  
class PullRequestCreateRequest.Builder  
Protected Constructors
PullRequestCreateRequest(AbstractBuilder<?> builder)
Public Methods
@Nonnull Optional<String> getDescription()
@Nonnull String getFromRefId()
@Nonnull Repository getFromRepository()
@Nonnull Set<String> getReviewers()
@Nonnull String getTitle()
@Nonnull String getToBranchId()
@Nonnull Repository getToRepository()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Protected Constructors

protected PullRequestCreateRequest (AbstractBuilder<?> builder)

Public Methods

@Nonnull public Optional<String> getDescription ()

@Nonnull public String getFromRefId ()

@Nonnull public Repository getFromRepository ()

@Nonnull public Set<String> getReviewers ()

@Nonnull public String getTitle ()

@Nonnull public String getToBranchId ()

@Nonnull public Repository getToRepository ()