Interface PostConfigurableBuilder

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BambooPluginModule, BuildConfigurationAwarePlugin, Builder, BuilderV2, ConfigurablePlugin, InitablePluginModule,

public interface PostConfigurableBuilder
extends Builder

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Method Summary
 void performPostConfiguration(java.lang.String selectedBuilder, BuildConfiguration builderConfiguration, Plan plan)
          Preform any post actions that might need to occur after you save the builder configuration.
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Method Detail


void performPostConfiguration(java.lang.String selectedBuilder,
                              BuildConfiguration builderConfiguration,
                              Plan plan)
Preform any post actions that might need to occur after you save the builder configuration. This will get run on all builders regardless of which one is actually selected. Example usage is to clean up unused data if you are not the selected builder or add extra info if you are the selected builder.

selectedBuilder - - the key of the builder currently selected (may or may not be you)
builderConfiguration - - for the current build
plan - - that is being configured

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