Package com.atlassian.jira.util.collect

Interface Summary
CloseableIterator<E> For iterators that need to be closed after use.
EnclosedIterable<T> A limited collection view that may be backed by the something that needs closing, for example a connection to a database.
MultiMap<K,V,C extends Collection<V>>  
PagedList<E> Page over an underlying list, either by navigating to a page or iterating a page at a time.
Sized Something that contains a number of items.

Class Summary
CloseableIterator.ListResolver<T> Utility class for transforming a EnclosedIterable into a List.
CollectionBuilder<T> Convenience class for creating collections (Set and List) instances or enclosed iterables.
CollectionEnclosedIterable<T> Simple collection based EnclosedIterable.
CompositeMap<K,V> Provides a union view of two maps.
CopyOnWriteSortedCache<T extends Comparable<T>> Simple copy-on-write ordered cache with Set semantics.
EnclosedIterable.ListResolver<T> Utility class for transforming a EnclosedIterable into a List.
EnumerationIterator<E> Adaptor for turning an Enumeration into an Iterator.
IdentitySet<T> A Set implementation that considers objects equal if an only if they are the same instance.
IdentitySet.IdentityReference<T> Stores a reference to any Object.
IteratorEnumeration<E> Adaptor for turning an Iterator an into Enumeration.
ListOrderComparator<T> Compare objects based on their order in a supplied list.
LRUMap<K,V> Deprecated. Since v6.2 Use CacheFactory instead and build a proper cache.
MapBuilder<K,V> Utility for easily creating Maps of all standard types.
MemoizingMap<K,V> A Map that is backed by a MemoizingMap.Master map that contains suppliers for the values that are called lazily when required.
MemoizingMap.Master<K,V> Master that individual Maps can be printed from.
MemoizingMap.Master.Builder<K,V> Used to build a MemoizingMap.Master that individual local copies can then be copied from.
MultiMaps Static factory methods for creating and manipulating multi-maps.
ResolvingComparator<I,O> Comparator that first resolves an input to an output type, and then delegates to a comparator of the output type.
Transformed Static factory for creating transformed Map, Set, and Iterator instances.

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