Package com.atlassian.jira.plugin.projectpanel.impl

Class Summary
AbstractProjectTabPanel Abstract tab panel for browse project.
ChangeLogProjectTabPanel Project Tab Panel displaying past versions and their issues.
ComponentsProjectTabPanel Displays the components of a project.
GenericProjectTabPanel Deprecated. Please extend AbstractProjectTabPanel instead.
GenericVersionsProjectTabPanel Deprecated. Extend AbstractProjectTabPanel instead.
IssuesProjectTabPanel Issues project tab panel.
PermissionHelper This class is a helper class that at the moment has only one method that is used by Components and Versions project tab panel classes (ComponentsProjectTabPanel, VersionsProjectTabPanel).
ReportsProjectTabPanel Project Tab Panel showing a list of available reports.
RoadMapProjectTabPanel Project Tab Panel displaying upcoming versions and their issues.
SummaryProjectTabPanel Summary project tab panel.
VersionDrillDownRenderer Renders a roadmap (or changelog) for a given context.
VersionDrillDownRenderer.RoadMapGraphingBean Helper class to draw progress charts.
VersionDrillDownRenderer.VersionHelperBean A helper that performs lucene searches.
VersionsProjectTabPanel Displays the versions of a project.

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