Package com.atlassian.jira.bc.admin

Interface Summary
ApplicationPropertiesService Service level implementation of CRUD for ApplicationProperties which are administrative level configuration settings that boil down to a key and a value.

Class Summary
ApplicationProperty Represents an administrative admin setting's current value and maintains an association to its declared ApplicationPropertyMetadata which stores its default value, key, type etc.
ApplicationPropertyMetadata Represents an individual property setting as defined in the jpm.xml file.
LinkSortFieldListValidator Validates a comma separated list of fields to ensure they are only the fields that may be used for specifying the issue link sort order.
NavigableFieldListValidator Validates a list of strings to each be the id of a navigable field that is valid for at least one project.
StableSearchResultCountValidator Validates a Stable Search max result property value.
ViewIssueMaxCacheSizeValidator Validates a View Issue max cache size property value.

Enum Summary

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